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Hath phool

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Hath phool also known as hand chain or hand jewelry.

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Hath phool has been originated in Persia and brought to India during the Mughal invasion. After its discovery by Mughal's they brought it back with them to their home place and it was worn by royal family (princess and queens). The hath phools were decorated/made with preciouses metals, stones, gems and etc. That represented wealth and status in the society.

Later this style of jewelry was quickly adapted by the Rajput's, but with their own materials. That represented the Rajput's tradition and believes. Later on Nawabs adapted to hath phool as it was introduced to them. They were the first ones to add pearls to hath phool which was later such a popular options for hath phool.

After a while hath phool had lost its popularity and later Banjara (nomadic) and tribal communities of Rajasthan and Gujarat adapted hath phool. They were made with preciouses metals and gems, stones and etc. Now that it was adapted by Banjara and tribal communities it was made out of cheap metal, alloys and beads instead of gems and stones.

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