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Find something special

It might be hard to do, but sometimes some people know. When they see a gift, it just reminds them of that person. Some people have a little hard time doing that. That is where we come in; SRJ will provide some questions to help you choose a gift for that person.

We know sometimes you don't know them very well, which is why giving them a gift card or money, in general, is better, but sometimes the receiver wants to know if the gift giver put any effort or thought into it. That is why you always add something with the gift card. It makes the gift more special. It can either be a small pin, candy, etc.

Nowadays, life is busy, so SRJ has a Google form for people who want a personalized gift but can't find the time to hit many stores or go into a store to choose the gift. In the form, the question we ask are:

  • Gift options (bangles, earrings, suits, etc).

  • Color option.

  • If you choose bangles or suits, then the size.

  • What is the occasion?

  • You might want to add other things for us to make the gift more personal. (You can describe the person's characteristics and things you like about them.)

  • Most importantly, you can also add their likes and dislikes.

Knowing the size:

If you don't know the size of the suit or bangle, it is best to go with unstitched suits and necklaces. SRJ customers mostly like to add unstitched suit with earrings or necklace set. They would also add adjustable rings and chocolate with it. Some go the extra mile, make a personalized cup with us, and add that to their gift box. This shows the effort that went into choosing a gift for the person.

-- Happy Gifting --

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